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Unlocking the potential of AI in Cyber Security, are our jobs safe?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly important tool for cybersecurity professionals, as the number and complexity of cyber threats continue to grow within Australia. I want to discuss the various ways that AI is being used within the cybersecurity industry, as well as discuss concerns over the safety of jobs within the industry.

Firstly, how does AI work within Cyber?

One of the key benefits of AI in cybersecurity is its ability to analyse vast amounts of data quickly, which is particularly useful for detecting and responding to cyber threats. Some of the most common ways that AI is being used in cybersecurity include:

A recent study by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) found that AI is one of the top technology trends impacting the cybersecurity industry in Australia. The study found that AI can be used to automate routine cybersecurity tasks, allowing cybersecurity professionals to focus on more complex tasks, these tasks include things like:

Threat detection

AI algorithms can be used to analyse network traffic, identify patterns, and detect potential threats before they can cause any damage. This is useful for identifying and responding to zero-day attacks.

Malware analysis

Incident response

What does this mean for our jobs?

According to a report by the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, the cybersecurity industry in Australia is expected to grow from AUD 2.8 billion in 2016 to AUD 6 billion by 2026, with 18,000 jobs required to assist in securing the Australian Security Infrastructure.

While the use of AI in Cyber Security has many benefits, there are also concerns about the safety of jobs within the industry, which is completely understandable. However, there is actually evidence to suggest that AI may actually create jobs within the industry with professionals requiring skills in data analytics and machine learning.

It’s fair to say that the cybersecurity industry in Australia is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years and whilst the use of AI is expected to play an important role in the industry, however, it is unlikely to replace human expertise entirely any time in the near future.


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