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Top 10 Coding Assessment Platforms to Evaluate Software Developer Candidates

I recently published a post about the effectiveness of code challenges and the pros and cons of implementing online vs take-home assessments!

So if you haven't read that one, you'll be able to find it, here, but to follow on from this, I wanted to provide a tangible summary of all of the most popular coding assessment platforms that I have seen my clients use, as well as some new ones I discovered from my research!

In the highly competitive landscape of the IT industry, evaluating the qualifications and proficiencies of prospective tech hires can be a challenging endeavor. Among the indispensable tools at the disposal of your hiring teams are online coding challenges.

These code challenges provide valuable insights into a developer's technical acumen, problem-solving aptitude, and coding competence, transcending mere theoretical knowledge to assess their practical abilities in real-world development contexts. In this article I want to delve into a comprehensive review of the leading coding assessment platforms for the purpose of interviewing software developers, so without further ado, let's dive in: 1. Codility: Codility is probably the most common one I see among my clients. It’s an online coding assessment platform that assists recruiters and hiring managers in evaluating developers' coding skills and technical abilities. With an extensive assessment library covering various programming languages, algorithms, and data structures, Codility offers a standardized and efficient means of candidate evaluation.

Key Features: - Wide selection of pre-built tests from a comprehensive coding assessment library. - Customizable tests aligned with specific job requirements. - Real-time monitoring and collaboration capabilities. - Seamless integration with popular ATS systems.

Pricing – On request here. 2. HackerRank: Another common one I’ve encountered HackerRank, known for its "skills speak louder than words" motto, offers a comprehensive coding test platform with certified assessments and a wide range of challenges. Over 3000 businesses, including Fortune 100 organizations, use HackerRank for candidate evaluation.

Key Features: - Pre-built coding assessments designed by experts. - AI-powered plagiarism detection system. - Diverse code challenges for attracting top talent. - Access to specialized interview material for challenging positions.


  • Individual: $249/month

  • Teams: $599/month

  • Enterprise: On Request

3. Vervoe: Machine learning-based Vervoe creates auto-gradable, tailored skills assessments. The tool has white-label capabilities that allow consistent branding for your organization, including the company logo and custom colours. There are ATS integrations with some top platforms, including Greenhouse, Tray io, Zapier, and more.

Key Features: - 300+ skills in the content library - Fully customized - Eight coding languages - Live spreadsheets and presentations - Ten types of questions; visual and video questions

Pricing - On Request here. 4. Mettl Mercer Mettl is an integrated solution for TA that covers the entire hiring lifespan; Plane, Screen, Interview, Upskill, and Engage. Furthermore, it is easy to use and easy to integrate with existing platforms & tools. It supports 30+ languages around the globe, making it easier to adapt to different nationalities.

Key Features: - Fully auto-graded simulators - Real-time reporting - Automated Grading - Multilingual support - Graphical reports

Pricing - approx. $249/annually 5. CoderByte: This coding assessment tool conducts cloud-based pre-employment assessments for technical hiring. Using its activity dashboard, recruiters can monitor activity logs, send invitations, view completion status, configure system settings, and more. The software helps add business logos, customize subdomains, and send tailored official emails.

Key Features: - Live interviews - IntelliSense editor - Accessible APIs - Cloud-based deployment - 30+ coding languages - Multiple-choice, open-ended, and video question

Pricing - approx $199/user/month 6. iMocha iMocha is a cloud-based coding assessment tools that offer technical assessment in 35+ coding languages. The software provides the world's most extensive content library of 2500+skills covering an array of globally demanding skills such as IT, Domain, Functional, Next-Gen, etc. The coding screening platform has a fully-featured pre-built question repository of an abundance of ready-to-use questions. Moreover, iMocha allows recruiters to add their question bank for further assessment customization. iMocha is one of the more robust and advanced coding assessment software that offers several ever-upgrading programmer-friendly features such as Live coding interviews, Coding Simulators & code plagiarism.

Key Features: - 35+ programming languages with 3000+ real-time coding problems - 2500+ coding problems - Intellisense; a feature that auto-completes code lines and save times - Code Replay, code stubs, and code review - GDPR compliant - Role-based access control

Pricing - On Request here. 7. CodeSignal: CodeSignal is widely used for technical hiring, offering coding assessments, challenges, and interview preparation resources. It integrates seamlessly with HR tech stacks, uses skill-based scoring, and employs machine learning-based proctoring.

Key Features: - 79+ programming languages and framework - Integration with HR tech stack. - Skill-based scoring system. - Machine learning-based test proctoring. - Company dashboard for candidate management.

Pricing - On Request here. 8. TestDome: TestDome provides pre-employment testing and screening services, covering a wide range of technical skills and abilities. The platform offers skill-based tests and coding challenges, with automated evaluation and instant feedback for candidates.

Key Features: - Skill-based testing across various technical areas. - Customizable assessments to match specific requirements. - Automated evaluation and detailed performance reports. - Instant feedback for candidates.


  • Starter: $20/candidate (5 candidates =$100)

  • Small: $16/candidate (25 candidates =$400)

  • Medium: $10/candidate (100 candidates =$1000)

  • Large: $8/candidate (300 candidates =$2400)

  • Extra Large: $7/candidate (600 candidates =$4200)

9. LeetCode: LeetCode provides a vast collection of coding tests and interview preparation resources for software engineers. The platform supports company-specific coding questions and includes a virtual whiteboard for real-time coding collaboration.

Key Features: - Company-specific coding questions. - Virtual whiteboard for collaborative coding. - Leaderboard and performance analytics. - Company dashboard for tracking candidates' progress.

Pricing - On Request here. 10. DevSkiller: DevSkiller is a technical screening platform that offers online coding tests, virtual tech interviews, and pair programming challenges. It emphasizes realistic programming tasks and automated skill assessment.

Key Features: - Realistic programming tasks and coding challenges. - Automated skill assessment based on correctness and efficiency. - Customizable tests to suit specific needs. - Real-time collaboration and interviewing capabilities.

Pricing - On Request here. So now that you've looked through a comprehensive list, which tool should you choose?? Well, the answer is once again that … it depends!

You need to first get clear on a few important questions, what are you and the team looking for? What kind of candidate are you hoping to acquire? Where in the world are these candidates? How quickly do you need to get them offered and how much are you willing to spend to do so? It's also important to note that these assessments may not fully capture a developer's overall expertise, but they can save time in the process. To build a well-rounded tech team, consider complementing coding tests with other evaluation methods and keeping an open mind when interpreting assessment results.

After all, coding tests are just one piece of the hiring puzzle, and real-world experience and contributions should not be overlooked.

No matter how you choose to progress I hope you find this article helpful :)


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