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Remote engagement strategies to implement this year

Working from home was an exciting and challenging new concept for many last year but with many companies pushing for remote working throughout 2022 we thought we’d share some tips on keeping employee engagement high.

What makes employee engagement so critical? Nothing is more important than retaining your best people, and employees who are passionate about their work and feel valued are less likely to leave their jobs. Your employees are the critical drivers of your company's success.

Here are some tips to boost your employee engagement whilst working remotely:

Communicate effectively.

  • Provide a platform for communication, conduct frequent check-ins, and encourage continuous feedback

  • Be an engaged listener. Communication is about understanding your team’s emotions and intentions

  • Be sure you have the right tools in place, from video conferencing to group collaboration. It’s important to choose the right communication technology for your team

Empower your employees.

  • Encourage creativity, create engaging activities, embrace change, and support collaboration

  • Allow your employees to start their own initiatives and create ways of improving engagement through camaraderie with colleagues

Recognise performance.

  • Celebrate big and small victories by recognizing your employees

  • Create a recognition or nomination programme and share the success!

Focus on development.

  • All employees want to advance in their careers. Create ways to enrich your employee’s jobs

  • Offer career development workshops and encourage your team to participate in trainings that will boost their skillset

Be flexible.

  • Life happens, and in this new normal, many people are wearing multiple hats

  • Allow employees to make work arrangements around everyday life to maintain a healthy work/life balance

Clearly define goals.

  • Employee accountability comes from expectations!

  • Set short-term and long-term goals. Make the goals job-specific and ensure that they align with the company’s objectives. Setting goals will keep employees engaged and focused on the future.

  • Encourage team driven goals where everyone has a role and feels vital to the team.

Promote diversity & inclusion.

  • Employees must feel that they belong in order to be engaged. Inclusion is ongoing and requires investment from all employees.

  • Employees thrive in a culture where they are free to express their ideas. Diversity of thought must be encouraged as much as race and gender diversity.

Empowered employees will stay the course and be loyal to your company. They will take ownership in the company’s success and failures, and their career will be more than just a pay-check!

With employees physically separated from one another, now more than ever, employers must emphasise employee engagement strategies by investing time and budget in finding new and creative ways to encourage and motivate their teams in their home offices. The investment will result in important returns with less turnover, more efficiency, and ultimately more significant corporate growth.


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