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How outsourced recruiting can help your business this year

How can you ensure you have all your ducks in a row and are in the running for the best talent in town (especially given the rise in business and consumer confidence)?

This has been a hot topic in my conversations with many Engineering Managers, talent teams, and hiring managers throughout my career. As an ex-internal recruitment manager, and a current BM in the wonderful world of agency, my advice is to strongly consider outsourcing your recruitment solutions OR pair your current solutions with a specialist recruitment agency.

Here are a few tips on how to up your hiring game this year with a specialist recruiter:

Persistence is key.

The key to maintaining a quality candidate experience is consistency and persistence. If you, like many other companies, temporarily halted your recruitment strategy this year or last, you could face large recruitment initiatives or multiple projects in the new year. A poorly managed process can turn off even the most enthusiastic talent in the market, as it’s a direct reflection of your company as a whole.

A specialised recruitment agency will make your process consistent, professional, and streamlined from start to finish – and then some. While your talent team needs to keep balance in the new year and prioritise your business needs, a specialised agency has the expertise and focus on balancing multiple recruitment projects and offering a consistent and transparent experience for all parties.

Dive deeper.

The right tools, experience, and data will set your recruitment process ahead of the competition, specifically in attracting high-level, passive candidates and leading them through to the ultimate goal, accepting your offer.

Specialised recruitment agencies have the time and experience in sourcing and recruiting top talent without the stress of our budgets being pulled in several directions unlike in-house talent teams, and we have the tools necessary to get this done. While you could invest in the high-end tools with your budget, the benefits are tough to justify, given the price tag when used in the short term.

We develop our database based on market needs that we’ve seen through years of expertise. With a strong recruiting partnership, smaller companies that would otherwise lean on free tools and their research can access exclusive tools made and used by experts.

Enhance your brand.

Some companies want to keep absolute control of their recruiting process to avoid an aloof, "brandless" experience for candidates, and I understand this. The truth is, leveraging the right agency can in-fact enhance your brand.

Successful recruiting involves a lot of research, outreach, marketing, and most importantly, time. If you aren’t prioritising your brand throughout your entire recruiting process, you’ll miss out on a vast amount of talented candidates.

The best recruitment agencies will take the time to understand your brand and act as an extension of your in-house team and company culture. We operate under your company brand, so you reap the benefits of a streamlined recruitment process allowing your team to focus on other pressing matters.

At Circuit we focus on these key areas:

  • Software & Development

  • Cloud, Infra & Security

  • Project Delivery

  • Product & UX

  • Data and Analytics

  • Technical Sales

  • Support & Infrastructure

To summarise.

The urgent need for outsourced recruiting this year lies in the ability to aid in times of uncertainty. We are available to assist you in scaling up with the notions of the market and flow of your business. If you find your business prospering and require a new batch of qualified talent to meet demand, we can immediately jump in and satisfy this need.

If you expect a dip in hiring needs, we can be put on standby to save your budget, saving you time, enhancing your brand, and allowing you consistent access to the best talent in the market.

Jump on our website or give me a call if you're looking to make a positive change to your recruitment process this year!


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