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Hiring software developers? Check out our latest tips

It can be difficult when trying to find the right developer and/or technical manager for your team. Usually, companies will compete with one another to find the best candidates for their roles.

What attracts developers?

There are many things that attract developers to a job in today’s world. Salary is becoming less important and there is more of a focus on the benefits that they receive from their employees. Developers are more interested in how appealing the job itself is and whether it allows them to further develop the skills they already have. However, developers have also shown that good communication within the company between employers and their employees is also vital.

Review and interview

It is always a great idea to ensure that you’re prepared for the interview in advance and that you know how you want to structure your questions as this will help to select the right candidate. Once you’ve started interviewing your selected list of candidates, it becomes easier to determine the types of personalities and different levels of experience the software developer has. During conversations with your selected candidates, you can have more of an idea of whether this person meets the needs of the specific role or not. It's important to speak to candidates on the phone as you can pick up on matters that may be overlooked on their resumes. Here, you can assess how the candidate communicates and their attitude towards the role and how that might impact that specific role.

Take a closer look at the potential employee

In order to find the right candidate for the role, it's important that you prepare a list of specific software requirements that have detailed information on the technical skills like (programming languages, platforms, and development tools) that you need to look for in the potential candidates. If you are looking for a developer, you can ask them to show you the projects they have already completed that way you can see exactly what they have done. The developer’s level of communication is important as they will be ensuring the whole process is understood by their team and can demonstrate their adherence to a schedule from start to finish. Additionally, keeping to a specific time frame allows the company to get more of an understanding of workplace productivity. Industry knowledge It is worth noting that, all employees will have to work with browsers, use modern design standards, efficient database schemas, and integrate with other frameworks or platforms so finding the right candidate who is proficient in their specific area of work will always be the right candidate, rather than focusing solely on the developer that has had a lot of experience. Ability to deal with pressure There are many complex issues that arise in the development of tech and software and as developers are under time constraints all the time to get the job done, it’s important that the developer can cope with the stresses that they may face within this process. There are many ways in which you can find out their ability to deal with stress, one being surprise testing using an online form with questions related to stress management. You can create stress management online tests by checking out Giosg and selecting the one that best suits your needs. Responsibility Like most professionals, having a developer that is responsible is important as these are the types of people to get the job done properly. Generally, these are the types of people that are leaders within their workplace. If you’re looking for a role model or team leader, ensure that this candidate is prepared to take full responsibility for their work. Creation Although creativity isn't a common trait among software developers, it's good to have a developer on your team who can think outside the box and get creative with their work.

Build trust

Building a good relationship with your employees is the best way to achieve top results. People are more willing to go above and beyond when they are working with people that they trust. As mentioned earlier, developers are attracted to good company culture and know that they can trust their employer. When speaking with a potential candidate, a popular recruiting technique is mirroring. This is where you repeat key phrases or words back to the candidate that has appeared on their resume. Another key point is, whenever you notice a candidate has an interest in a particular topic, pay attention and allow them to elaborate and expand on that topic. It’s always a good idea to mention to the potential candidate the negative aspects of the project and potential risks that may occur. This allows the potential candidate to view you as an honest employer.

Stand out from other employers

It’s important to consider what might attract a potential candidate's attention – the benefits of working with the company, and interesting projects that are arising. Keep things visual with a quick ad or a quick message that interests you and encourages you to contact them. The longer the intros or ‘about us’, the faster they’ll lose interest. Nothing but the details. Don't waste your time or the programmer’s time by writing out information that they will not read. Your offer should only contain specific data like:

  • The programming languages required

  • The form of employment, and its conditions - this will allow you to connect with people who are truly interested and have the skills to complete the assignment.

You can share about your internal work environment, training facilities like skill development, stress-removing course, etc.


Following these recommendations should help you in your search for finding great talent. Please reach out to the team at Circuit if you'd like additional advice or assistance in growing your team!


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