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New Year, New Job?

The tech world has more career opportunities than ever before, and with the great resignation upon us there is more flexibility to move around and further your career.

If you’re an experienced, talented and motivated individual then ask yourself, do you want to stay in a stagnant position or do you feel you have more to give?

Sit down, evaluate your position, ask yourself if you’re happy or is it time to make the move to reach your full potential?

If any of the below apply to you then, It may be time for a new job:

1. You’re counting down the minutes to 5pm

If you're finding yourself doing the same work day in day out and can essentially complete it in your sleep, then you need a new challenge. There's nothing wrong with doing a job you're good at, but there comes a point where you need to re-evaluate and ask yourself, is it time to move up the ladder?

2. You're not learning new skills

If you’re no longer learning new skills and experience in your current position, it shows that you may need a career change. If you’re finding that you’re not upskilling, completing new certifications or staying up to date with current tech trends then this will leave you at a disadvantage when it comes to your resume.

Given the market is so competitive, this could make it more difficult to get a new job in the future should you set your sights on a new position.

3. No sign of a pay rise

If you're continuing to work hard for your employer, but not receiving recognition, this is a sign that you've been in the same job too long.

If you’ve not received a promotion or failed to move to a different organisation, you risk under-selling yourself.

What we suggest is: doing your market research, learning what others in your field are being paid and comparing it to your existing salary. If you find that you’re on the lower end of the scale for your earnings then attempt to negotiate a pay rise with your employer, failing that then know your value and start to look elsewhere.

4. Overworked, underappreciated

If you find yourself as someone who always delivers results and can be relied on by your employer to do so, but your workload is too much, then you may find yourself working longer hours, missing out on social events and your work efficiency may be affected.

Make it your priority to speak to your employer, share your reasons for feeling overworked - If your workload isn’t alleviated then you’re leaving yourself at risk of burnout.

5. Recruiters in your Inmails?

Should you find a recruiter in your inmail sharing an exciting opportunity with you then why not go for it? Employers often hire us to find suitable candidates to fill their vacancies and if we’re in your inmails it’s because we believe you have the skillset to fulfil the role.

If you’re seeking a change this year then our talented tech recruiters are here to help, make 2023 your year to reach your full potential.


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