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IT Support in a Hybrid Workplace

The Rise of Hybrid Work: Why IT Support Needs to Evolve

The pandemic has brought a seismic shift in the way we work. While flexible schedules have become a norm, many employees are spending more than an hour each week troubleshooting their own IT issues. With the potential for productivity loss and security concerns, IT support teams need to adapt to better support hybrid workforces.

IT Support: The Key to Future Work Strategies

The shift to remote work has brought IT support to the forefront of discussions around the future of work strategies. IT teams need to ensure that hybrid workforces have access to the tools and platforms necessary to work collaboratively, while ensuring network security and automation capabilities. The aim is to create a nimbler and more adaptable organisation that can keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions.

Experience Parity: Ensuring a Consistent User Experience

In this new era of hybrid work, IT support must ensure that all employees have equal access to the same systems and applications. Experience parity should be a top priority, enabling workers to remain productive regardless of their location. IT teams must work in partnership with other departments, such as legal and HR, to establish norms, search, and access data securely, and share best practices.

Standardising Collaboration Platforms: Avoiding Shadow IT

Standardising on a common collaboration platform can help organisations avoid shadow IT or point solutions that inhibit cross-functional collaboration. By embracing a common platform, IT teams can ensure that everyone is working from the same page, regardless of location, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity.

In summary, IT support must adapt to meet the demands of a hybrid workforce. With a focus on experience parity, collaboration, and standardisation, IT teams can create a more productive and secure work environment. By partnering with other departments, IT teams can ensure that their organisations are well-positioned to take advantage of new market opportunities and navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


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