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Terms & Conditions

The following business terms and conditions shall apply between CircuIT Recruitment Group (Aust) Pty Ltd ABN: 63 922 916 894 (“CircuIT Recruitment”) and the above stated prospective employer (“the Client”) in respect to the engagement of any Candidate (a person who is available for employment by the Client) introduced to the Client by CircuIT Recruitment Group.

Introductions are confidential and personal to each client. An introduction includes a personal or verbal introduction of a Candidate to the Client or the Client’s acceptance of a Candidate’s resume from CircuIT Recruitment. The passing of an introduction to another employer, which results in an engagement, renders the Client liable to payment of the placement fee as set out below.

These business terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the state where the Candidate is engaged and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.

All discussions, negotiations and terms of business between CircuIT Recruitment and the Client will be regarded as “Commercial in Confidence” and will not be disclosed to any third party without written approval by the other party.

Acceptance of Business Terms and Conditions
If a Candidate is engaged directly or indirectly by the Client within 12 months of that Candidate being introduced to it by CircuIT Recruitment the Client will be deemed to accept these business terms and conditions unless a variation in writing has been agreed by both parties.

Notification and Placement Fee Schedule

The Client agrees to notify CircuIT Recruitment in writing immediately upon engaging any Candidate introduced either directly or indirectly by CircuIT Recruitment.

The Client agrees to pay a placement fee for any Candidate introduced to the Client by CircuIT Recruitment who is engaged directly or indirectly by the Client within 12 months of the introduction. The fee is payable whether or not the appointment is for the position for which the Candidate was originally introduced.


Permanent Placements
The Client shall be responsible for obtaining any Work/ Business Visa sponsorship required by the Candidate for employment by the Client.

The placement fee payable to CircuIT Recruitment for providing permanent Candidates is calculated by applying the relevant percentage (as set below) to the Candidate’s total remuneration package. The total remuneration package is inclusive of base salary, superannuation, company car or allowances and guaranteed bonuses/commissions. The fee is exclusive of GST and any other additional Government imposed taxes and charges during the term of this agreement.
The placement fee is calculated as follows: 

Salary Package
Placement Fee
$0,000 - $49,999
$50,000 - $89,999
$90,000 - $139,999
$140,000 - $199,999
$200,000 +

Payment Terms

Placement fee is payable by the Client 14 Days from the Candidate’s commencement of employment. Placement fees must be paid in full within the specified terms to validate the placement guarantee.

Placement Guarantee
If a Candidate that has been introduced to the Client by CircuIT Recruitment leaves the employ of the Client within 12 weeks of commencing employment then CircuIT Recruitment shall endeavour to find a replacement for the role at no extra cost (calculated equivalent to the candidate’s salary package). The replacement must be for the position vacated by the Candidate, and the Client must provide exclusive rights to CircuIT Recruitment to backfill the position (ie. no competition from internal or external parties). Only one replacement is offered for each fee paying assignment.

The guarantee does not apply in the following instances:

  • The Candidate’s employment is terminated as result of retrenchment or redundancy or significant change in circumstances at the Client.

  • The Client has not paid the agreed placement fee within 14 days of the Candidate’s commencement of employment.

  • A Candidate that has been initially hired in a contract capacity is subsequently engaged as a permanent employee.


Contract Placements
Fees for contracting staff vary depending on their skills and expertise. CircuIT Recruitment and the Client shall agree on a fee structure in writing before commencing a contract placement. Please refer to CircuIT Recruitment’s Contract Terms of Business for further information.

Whilst CircuIT Recruitment endeavours to select and provide Candidates who are suitable for each Client’s needs, it is for the Client to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the references and qualifications to satisfy itself of the suitability of the Candidate. CircuIT Recruitment’s services are restricted to introducing Candidates to the Client. The Client takes full responsibility for the selection of the Candidate to take up permanent employment with the Client.

To the extent permitted by law, CircuIT Recruitment shall not be liable for any claim including loss or damage (including consequential loss) arising out of the introduction of a Candidate to the Client, or advice or services given by the Candidate engaged by the Client.

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